By choog@woh.rr.co
Jul 4, 2008
  1. i have a refurse computer the gentleman put all new componets new motherboard etc heres the problem i bought a radeon 9250 video card so i could play my wow game it is a amd athlon proscesser iam running windows xp it had not had any video card or drivers put in before he said it would run one if i wanted one i installed it put the installition cd in it is reconizing it but i keep getting a black screen no video someone told me that somthing in the bios is blocking it i know where the bios is but don,t know whether to enable or disable or what to do the card is good help frustrated
  2. mopar man

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    If you can, please post using proper grammer.

    Here is what I am thinking is the problem, you need to disable the onboard video card from the bios. It will probably be something like Integrated Video, or something LIKE that...
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