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By sadbluescreener
Mar 17, 2009
  1. So I have a MSI GX630 and many different problems with it. A main problem is the wireless card. It does not identify wireless networks properly at all!

    I'm a bit confused as the RaLink NIC performs poorly at best. I own a router but to receive a good signal I have to be right beside the router while my family members use the same router all over the house with a satisfactory browsing experience. I have compared their laptops and mine in different areas of the household and in every area they have a better connection than I do. This also happens anywhere I try to connect to the Internet wirelessly. I've also realised that the networks are constantly dropped. I've tried different methods to try to change this (all without disturbing the warranty I have with you) but to no avail. I'm wondering if this due to faulty hardware or if this is the quality to be expected from RaLink. According to their website they seem to be good at what they do. i've also read customer reviews from persons who have this same machine and their problems are similar to this one.

    Also when I connect to a network other than my home network, at school for instance then I come home to try to connect to my home wireless the laptop connects to the network and all but not to the Internet so even tho i'm connected I can't browse the Web. Any help?
    I've also downloaded and installed the latest RT2860 drivers from the RaLink website and still the problems persist.
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