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Ram card compatability

By flatearthling
Feb 3, 2010
  1. I have a dell dimension 2300 that i wish to add memory to. It says it requires PC133 type ram cards. I have a ram card from my old HP. It is PC100 type RAM card. WILL IT WORK?
  2. pepsi1

    pepsi1 TS Rookie

    On booting up you should have an option pf8, pf2, or pf12 to get to the system or the boot screen. Different puters use different keys. The Dell's are generally pf12. The newer versions give you a pre-screen to choice system or boot among a few other things. You want the system screen. Here you will find the ram and generally the ram part number. You need that info for both rams, the HP and the Dell. With the number you can find out what type of ram, what package the ram is grouped, and the pin configuration of the stick. I would guess the 100 is 100 pin, and the 133 is 133 pin so not inter-changeable...but that could be the buss speed and you can use the ram if all other parameters align...type, package, pin. What you can't do is use desktop ram in a laptop or vice versa----different pin configuration for the sticks----usually. I'm sure there is an exception out there somewhere.
  3. ucould2

    ucould2 TS Guru Posts: 271

    Pc100 <?> pc133

    sdram PC100 and PC133 with SDRAM modules, the numbers that come after the 'pc' are different in meaning to those used for DDR modules, now referring to the speed of the system's front-side bus. As an example, PC100 memory is SDRAM designed for use in systems with a 100MHz front-side bus. It is used in some older HP, Toshiba and Apple Power Mac G4 systems. Some resellers have stopped selling PC100 in favour of PC133, which is backward-compatible
    Part Number 	Description
    SDRAM 100MHz
    KSE1840/256 	256MB Module
    KTA-G3100/256 	256MB Module
    KTA-G4/512 	512MB Module
    KTA-IMAC100/512 	512MB Module
    KTB-HL100/128 	128MB Module
    KTC3088/256 	256MB Module
    KTC6611/256 	256MB Module
    KTD-INSP7500/256 	256MB Module
    KTD-OPGX1N/256 	256MB Module
    KTD-XPSRN/256 	256MB Module
    KTH-DJ5000/128 	128MB Module
    KTH-DJ5000/256 	256MB Module
    KTH-LJ4100/128 	128MB SDRAM Module
    KTH-OB4150/256 	256MB PC100 Module
    KTH-PVL100/256 	256MB Module
    KTH6501/256 	256MB Module
    KTM1136/128 	128MB Module
    KTM1136/256 	256MB Module
    KTT-SO100/256 	256MB Module
    KVR100X64C2/128 	128MB 100MHz Non-ECC CL2 DIMM
    KVR100X64C2/256 	256MB 100MHz Non-ECC CL2 DIMM
    KVR100X64C2/512 	512MB 100MHz Non-ECC CL2 DIMM
    KVR100X64C3/128 	128MB 100MHz Non-ECC CL3 DIMM
    KVR100X64C3/256 	256MB 100MHz Non-ECC CL3 DIMM
    KVR100X64SC2/256 	256MB 100MHz Non-ECC CL2 SODIMM
    KVR100X64SC2L/256 	256MB 100MHz Non-ECC CL2 Low Profile SODIMM
    OR as recommended by manufacturer
    Part Number  	Description
    SDRAM 133MHz
    KFJ-LB133/256 	256MB Module
    KFJ-LB133/512 	512MB Module
    KFJ-SCE133/256 	256MB Module
    KGW3400/256 	256MB Module
    KGW3400/512 	512MB Module
    KSY-GR133/256 	256MB Module
    KTA-G4133/512 	512MB DIMM Module
    KTB-HL5200/256 	256MB Module
    KTC-EN133/128 	128MB Module
    KTC-EN133/256 	256MB Module
    KTC-EN133/512 	512MB Module
    KTC-N600/256 	256MB Module
    KTC-SO133/256 	256MB Module
    KTD-DM133/256 	256MB Module
    KTD-DM133/512 	512MB Module
    KTD-GX150/256 	256MB Module
    KTD-INSP8100/256 	256MB Module
    KTD-INSP8100/512 	512MB Module
    KTH-DJ1000+/128 	128MB Module
    KTH-OB6100/256 	256MB PC133 Module
    KTH-OB6100/512 	512MB PC133 Module
    KTH-PVL133/256 	256MB Module
    KTH-VL133/256 	256MB Module
    KTH-VL133/512 	512MB Module
    KTM-TP133/256 	256MB Module
    KTM-TP133/512 	512MB Module
    KTM0055/256 	256MB Module
    KTM0055/512 	512MB Module
    KTM0059/64 	64MB Module
    KTM0059/128 	128MB Module
    KTM3071/256 	256MB Module
    KTM3071/512 	512MB Module
    KTT-SO133/256 	256MB Module
    KTT-SO133/512 	512MB Module
    KVR133X64C2/128 	128MB 133MHz Non-ECC CL2 DIMM
    KVR133X64C2/256 	256MB 133MHz Non-ECC CL2 DIMM
    KVR133X64C2/512 	512MB 133MHz Non-ECC CL2 DIMM
    KVR133X64C3/128 	128MB 133MHz Non-ECC CL3 DIMM
    KVR133X64C3/256 	256MB 133MHz Non-ECC CL3 DIMM
    KVR133X64C3/512 	512MB 133MHz Non-ECC CL3 DIMM
    KVR133X64C3L/128 	128MB 133MHz Non-ECC CL3 Low Profile DIMM
    KVR133X64C3L/256 	256MB 133MHz Non-ECC CL3 Low Profile DIMM
    KVR133X64C3L/512 	512MB 133MHz Non-ECC CL3 Low Profile DIMM
    KVR133X64C3Q/128 	128MB 133MHz Non-ECC CL3 DIMM 16Mx8
    KVR133X64C3Q/256 	256MB 133MHz Non-ECC CL3 DIMM 16Mx8
    KVR133X64C3SS/128 	128MB 133MHz Non-ECC Single Sided CL3 DIMM
    KVR133X64C3SS/256 	256MB 133MHz Non-ECC Single Sided CL3 DIMM
    KVR133X64SC3/128 	128MB 133MHz Non-ECC CL3 SODIMM
    KVR133X64SC3/256 	256MB 133MHz Non-ECC CL3 SODIMM
    KVR133X64SC3/512 	512MB 133MHz Non-ECC CL3 SODIMM
    KVR133X64SC3L/128 	128MB 133MHz Non-ECC CL3 Low Profile SODIMM
    KVR133X64SC3L/256 	256MB 133MHz Non-ECC CL3 Low Profile SODIMM
    KVR133X64SC3L/512 	512MB 133MHz Non-ECC CL3 Low Profile SODIMM
    you could have done you're own search here http://www.kingstonmemory.net.au/Kingston-Laptop-Desktop-Server-Memory-Configurato :grinthumb
    Just be certain that when it comes to purchasing whether or not you need 'Low Profile' as HPs' usually do. It's about space inside the cabinet (that means if you're buying a Turkey now for thanksgiving make sure it'll fit in the freezer till then ;) )
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