RAM is not recongised?

By supermutant
Dec 12, 2008
  1. Hi Guys and thanks for your help in advance. Please also bear in mind that I am an intermediate PC user and am by no means advanced.

    Ok so I bought a matching pair of 1GB DDR 400 ram sticks recently (2 GB total). I checked the specs of my motherboard (Asrock P4i65g) before ordering and found it could handle the pc3200 (400mhz) before buying. Now when I load the BIOS it says I have 2048mb (fine) but they are running at 333mhz. This is clearly wrong. I have tried emailing the ebay shop but they are no use and I have looked at other threads that say to amend the RAM config in BIOS but I have no option in my BIOS to amend RAM settings.

    This is really frustrating as I know my mohterboard can handle the new speed RAM!!

    Thanks again
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  3. supermutant

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    thank you - really appreciate that
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