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So I’ve just finished building my first pc, and it’s been working fine so far but I realized that, I had bought 3200mhz ram, but it was only clocking at 2133mhz ram, I have already turned on XMP profile in the bios, and even after doing that and running a benchmark, it still said it only ran at 2133mhz, after inspecting I found out that every time I boot my pc, a res light labeled DRAM on the MOBO lights up for about 10 seconds when I boot it, then turns off. Any help?

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Guesses only: RAM not QVL, power level being set wrong, automatic BIOS setting is incorrect, defective motherboard, defective RAM, some kind of CPU limitation. There may be others.

Check QVL for your m'board. Confirm power is properly connected. Ask RAM maker. Ask m'board maker.


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Well, the RAM likely isn't defective or the machine wouldn't "POST" (power on self test). That occurs even before the BIOS screen. That red light could be the PC posting.

The latest machine I have is "Ivy Bridge", and the "boot me frequency", for that platform s 2133 Mhz. The reason for that is, to sync with the graphics built into the CPU. Faster RAM than 2133, renders the CPU's graphics inoperative, and the machine won't boot.

The machine apparently either thinks or incorrectly assumes that the IGP is in use).

Depending on the type of BIOS (or "UEFI"), I think you'll have to manually set the RAM frequency and voltage, and timings, before that toilet will flush correctly. In other words, you may have to "wiggle the handle" to get it to work .

(Forgive my archaic colloquialisms, I meant no offense).

Oh, and if this isn't Intel based, ignore this post altogether. (Excerpt for the 1st paragraph).
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