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Random blue screens, stop error code F4, dumps attached

By carct ยท 10 replies
Jun 22, 2010
  1. i'm sorry to be asking advise since i'm new in this site...
    i'm just experiencing quite some troubles with my computer for the past month coz it restarts randomly and the BSOD states that stop error code F4. below are the mini dump files that have resulted from the restarting. An advise will be greatly appreciated to shed some light to my concerns. Thank you in advance....

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  2. LookinAround

    LookinAround Ex Tech Spotter Posts: 6,491   +184

    Hi Carct

    And welcome to TechSpot :wave:

    This forum is really just for saying Hello and Introductions. To get proper attention and people to note your problem suggest you

    1. Repost in the Windows BSOD help forum
    2. Also include your system specs: e.g. computer make/model, Windows OS, how much memory, disk space, etc.
  3. Matthew

    Matthew TechSpot Staff Posts: 5,325   +101

    I moved your post to a new thread in the proper forum, carct. Welcome aboard. :)
  4. carct

    carct TS Rookie Topic Starter


    thanks matthew...

    thanks guys for being so helpful to a newbie like me...
  5. carct

    carct TS Rookie Topic Starter

    BTW here's the specs of my PC:

    MS Windows XP, Professional SP2,
    CPU Intel Pentium 4, 2.40GHz, 1.00GB RAM

    I have 2 hard disks partitioned but I dont know the brands of either of them.

    May I asks also how would I know which is the master and which drive is the slave?

    Thanks again...
  6. carct

    carct TS Rookie Topic Starter

    another thing that i hope may help...

    i notice that it restarts mostly when i used the PC on standby mode or after it is has been left for a while and the first thing I would open is Google Chrome, then it freezes for a second without opening the Chrome and then it restarts and so the BSOD appears, same BCCode F4, BCP1 :0000003, BCP2:parameters, BCP3:parameters, BCP4parameters.

    hope this add to your review...

    thanks again...
  7. Route44

    Route44 TechSpot Ambassador Posts: 11,979   +71

    Okay, several things to consider. First, my Windebugger could not read a complete minidump because every file stated that the symbol packages are wrong for a full read. But the problem does not lie with the Debugger or the symbol packages but the minidump files themselves in light of what I believe is going on..

    Every one cited a Windows Operating System driver as the issue but the problem with OS drivers is that they are usually too general to be of much help. Four times ntoskrnl.exe was noted and this is a core driver. Once csrss.exe was noted and this is a critical driver as well for Windows to operate.

    One error is 0x8E and these are almost always caused by hardware.

    Three errors are 0x00000077 KERNEL_STACK_INPAGE_ERROR
    Kernel data could not be read from the paging file into memory.

    The Stop 0x77 message indicates that a page of kernel data requested from the paging (virtual memory) file could not be found or read into memory. This Stop message can also indicate disk hardware failure, disk data corruption, or possible virus infection.

    STOP Message 0x00000077 is a related kernel traps that are caused when the operating system tries to load a page into memory from the paging file on the hard disk, but cannot access the page because of either a software or hardware failure.

    The final error is 0x000000F4: CRITICAL_OBJECT_TERMINATION
    One of the many processes or threads crucial to system operation has unexpectedly exited or been terminated. As a result, the system can no longer function. Specific causes are many, and often best resolved by a careful history of the problem and the circumstances of the error message. One user, who experienced this on return from Standby mode on Win XP SP2, found the cause was that Windows was installed on a slave drive.

    This dump cited csrss.exe and is responsible for console windows, creating and/or deleting threads, and implementing some portions of the 16-bit virtual MS-DOS environment.

    In light of the 0x77s and the two other errors especially the F4 you need to attempt the following:

    1. Back up everything A.S.A.P. , find the name of the manufacture of your HDs, and run their free harddrive utility. Do BOTH short and long tests.

    2. Next, a Windows Repair is probably in order here. But you are going to have to find out which harddrive is slaved, etc.

    3. Scan for viruses.

    3. Update to Service Pack 3 if for nothing else that come July 10th XP with SP 2 will no longer be supported.
  8. LookinAround

    LookinAround Ex Tech Spotter Posts: 6,491   +184

    Here's another easy way to provide both you and us, lots of info about your specs.

    Run Everest Home. From top of Everest window:
    • Click File->Preferences
      • Check English
      • Still under Preferences click Report, uncheck Include Debug Information
      • Close Preferences window
    • Click Reports->Report Wizard. Get a Custom Report in plain text. Check items
      • Computer
      • Motherboard
      • Storage
    • Attach the report file to a TechSpot post. When you create your TechSpot post, use the paper clip icon to attach the report. (If you don't see it among your icons, you need to click the TechSpot Go Advanced button towards bottom of window)
    You will see info about your hard drives listed under Windows Storage
  9. carct

    carct TS Rookie Topic Starter

    will do

    thanks for all your posts...

    will do consider your advises and will post later any updates...

    also, my PC did not restarts yesterday or today...

    but based on your study of my minidumps, am quite worried on the status of my PC so will work on the immediate actions...

    thanks guys...
  10. carct

    carct TS Rookie Topic Starter

    another BSOD

    good day.

    attached herewith are my latest BSOD crash reports.

    The 1st one happened after I close a game application Plants vs Zombies after my daughter played it, it says the drive where it is located crash or something.

    Then the other one happened when after I have downloaded and installed the Everest latest edition, that was supposed to be a trial, when I try to launch it, the system crashed.

    I've done on checking my system disk and all the other harddisks, and about to defrag them and to check my pagefile.

    I've also confirmed that my system folders or OS is definitely located in my primary disk.

    Hope these will add to your review.


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  11. Route44

    Route44 TechSpot Ambassador Posts: 11,979   +71

    The first error was another 0x77 and it cited the ntoskrnl.exe

    The second is 0x8E and it cited the driver stdriver32.sys as the cause of your crashes. This driver is an NCH - SoundTap Audio Recorder driver. Two solutions on the net are remove this software via the Control panel or disable this particular driver.
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