Random CPU usage. Also lag spikes on games.

Hey. This is an awful issue for me I've been having.

I may open a browser and it will work fine for a while. Or I may be browsing and it takes 10 seconds just to highlight whatever I'm hovering my mouse over. I check CPU usage and it's at 100%...

Usually I will play a game of sc2 and it will be chugging along at 65-110 fps on lowest and then suddenly lag... freeze and jump. Then maybe 2 games later I play through a whole game at 90 fps.

I recently REFORMATED so it is NOT a virus issue or a ****ed up registry issue or similar.

I'm using AMD Athlon 64x2.

Windows Vista 32 bit. Service pack 2.

Please help me, this is killing me

Doctor John

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Have you checked for software conflicts (anything else in task manager using much CPU/memory)? Scanned for viruses (just for completeness)?
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It's not much to check.

This is an issue I've had for a whiile now and have been unable to find any help anywhere.
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I mean this in an entirely genuine and friendly way, but I'm having trouble telling whether you're being sarcastic or not, I just don't have a full grasp on your last post.

Thanks for your interest in my problem :)