Random internet drops

By Solar12
Nov 15, 2010
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  1. Hello, I'm new here.
    Long story short, I have Verizon, they can't/won't help me.

    I have a verizon 7500 modem/router, connected to my pc and xbox 360 (both wired).
    I've been having random internet drops for about 3 weeks now. Verizon tried everything from lowering my speed to sending a tech guy out, nothing helped. All of their line tests say nothing is wrong, which obviously isn't the case.

    Can anyone save me from this hell? It would be appreciated greatly.
    I've attached my HJT log so take a look.

    p.s. I have XP sp3.
    My antivirus is Norton 360.
    If any other info is needed, just tell me and I'll try and get it.

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