Random lockups & bootup/POST

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Feb 13, 2009
  1. My stationary computer (AMD dualcore 3800+) is becoming increasingly unstable after having served me well for about 4 years. I suspect either the motherboard or the graphicscard is dying.

    About a month ago I replaced the powersupply. Everything was fine after that, until now, the problems are slowly coming back.

    The computer is pretty stable most of the day actually, right now, but my prediction is that it won't last long. It freezes more and more often in WinXP for no good reason and I have to force a cold reboot. Sometimes I can't even get pass POST. This morning when I turned the computer on, I couldn't get pass POST and I had to try 4 times before Windows loaded up completely and I could move the mouse ... right now it works great.

    I don't know what's your gut feeling about this, could it be the graphicscard? I rarely push my graphicscard to the limits at all, but there has been a few times recently (last year) when the computer locked up when I tried to play a HD movie. I ascribed that to power problems. I don't have that problem now.

    But I'm on a low budget right now. I haven't found any friends yet who will lend me their PCI-express card. If the motherboard is failing ... then I guess I have to replace it and reinstall windows and all my software?
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    Ran Memtest for 2 hours. One pass completed. Reached test #10. No errors.
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    I think at this stage it would be best to open it up (side cover off)
    And start removing all dust and disconnecting not required hardwares
    Generally this is discussed in this thread: https://www.techspot.com/vb/topic113137.html
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    I'm getting a bit desperate now because the computer has been freezing a lot today. I couldn't even get into BIOS one time. But someone once told me that many such errors can be "solved" by upping the voltage to the weak component. So now I have upped the PCI-Express voltage in BIOS by 0.1 volt .... to see if this helps.

    Good idea? ...Seems to work so far...

    As suggested by Kimsland, I'll dust off the hardware as soon as I get hold of some compressed air. It isn't very dusty though.

    EDIT: I power up my computer today and hear kind of "sparks" going on inside, but everything works... (?)
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