Random wireless loss Dell Latitude E6510

So here at home, I have my laptop (a Dell Latitude E6150) which I usually have plugged into my charger, mouse, audio input, and Ethernet cable on my desk, since I don't move it too often. However, whenever I want to use my laptop in other parts of the house like my room or the kitchen, there is no ethernet cable and so my laptop automatically switches to our wifi. Suddenly, one night while I had my laptop in my room, it would not give me wifi. It would show me that there were available networks, but that it was unable to connect to any of them (I would try to connect and it would give me an error). When I troubleshooted the problem, the laptop said that was an issue with the router or access point. It suggested I restart my router then try again. I did so, and nothing changed, I was still unable to access wifi. However, my ipod touch and all the other computers were still able to connect to the wifi perfectly fine. My wifi switch IS on, so that is not the issue. I don't believe I purposely installed anything new onto my laptop, so I have no clue why it would stop working with my wifi. Any suggestions or has this happened to anybody else? Thanks.