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May 17, 2011
  1. I'm a support tech for a mid-sized business. I have a system that frequently BSOD's randomly, attended & unattended. I've placed the hard drive into another identical chassis so that rules out all hardwre issues and they continue on. I've attached the two most recent minidumps, I've noticed that only one group of numbers varies and the rest remain the same. Any help here would be extremely appreciated - this system belongs to a supervisor.

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  2. Route44

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    As per both minidumps the issue is with the PCAnywhere driver awvid5.dll
  3. theothered

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    Thank you very much Route 44! When I posted I had hoped for an answer within a week or so - you responded within the hour - you're awesome!!

    Further research pointed to a conflict with PCA 10.5 and the ATI video drivers, and from what I've read it appears there are numerous ATI models that don't play nicely with pcAnywhere.

    This problem was resolved by using an older driver for the ATI HD-2400 Pro card (ver 8.771.0.0), the newer ATI driver was the one causing the conflicts.
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    don't update to the newest version because the hd-2400 series stop receiving performance update like 5 years ago.
  5. theothered

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    Actually, the driver that was causing the conflict was from Microsoft - provided from the Windows update site after the card was installed.

    The system previously was running onboard video until the user required a dual display setup, this card came with the Dell 755 SFF when purchased a couple years ago along with a provided Y cable for dual displays, but it was pulled out because it wasn't needed until recently.
  6. theothered

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    I've encountered this issue once again. The previous instance was resolved by rolling back the ATI video drivers to an older version as explained in the previous post. That did not help in this instance and going one step further replaced the video card with an nVidia and removed all ATI video drivers. Please help, the latest minidump is attached. Thanks in advance!

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  7. theothered

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    Sorry... uploaded the wrong file....

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  8. mailpup

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    You started a new thread for this same problem. This creates confusion.

    Closing this one.
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