Randomly occurring boot and hardware issues

By dxkelly
Jan 10, 2011
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  1. Hi, my laptop has been acting very strange for a few months now. A month ago the hardrive died and I replaced it. Here's what it does now.

    At bootup it will often power down and restart a few seconds in or will just not load the operating system. Occasionally this will also have lights like caps lock come on when this is happening. F10 will sometimes get to bios sometimes not. After a few attempts windows will generally start up without problems. Once in however often the DVD drive is not detected. Sometimes windows says it's detecting new hardware and installs a Ricoh memory stick host controller driver. Also windows sometimes reports that the sda host controller is malfunctioning. During one recent session the DVD worked temporarily then vanished. When these problems are occurring windows will sometimes seem to take a little longer to boot or shutdown or may freeze during shutdown. Does anyone have any ideas? Is it time for a new laptop? Thanks for your help.
  2. Tmagic650

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    Try a laptop system restore to factory new
  3. dxkelly

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    Possible solution

    I think the host controller for the dvd player has gone bad even though windows thinks it's fine now. The dvd was in my boot order before the hard disk which was probably causing the boot failures. I took it out of the boot list, so far so good. Just have to do without the dvd drive until my next box.

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