Build a PC Razer Onza or Microsoft controller for Windows?

I've been playing games for more than 12 years with KB+Mouse and have never used a controller before. Games are becoming more and more controller optimized and I have an Eyefinity setup that would give a better experience with a gamepad, so I decided to get one

I've narrowed my options to Razer Onza TE BF3 Edition (Wired):

And Microsoft Xbox 360 Wireless Controller for Windows :

They both seem pretty good, but have heard very mixed views on razer products...

Which one is better ?


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Razer products are generally overpriced, overhyped and not great quality, this is coming from personal experience. I think the premium for their products is for the aesthetics and cool factor. $60 is quite a lot to spend on a game controller...

I've never liked the Xbox controller so I have a Logitech one which is more like the PS3 controller's shape. But that's down to personal preference I guess.