Re: N2U400-A and Radeon 9550 help

By osudelt69
Nov 17, 2004
  1. I have an ECS n2u400-a with 1.0e bios version (latest I found on website)
    amd 2700xp+
    256mb ddr 2700
    wd hard disk
    52x cd-rom
    52x24x52x cdrw drive
    **New** VisionTek Radeon 9550 128MB 8x agp card
    **OLD** ATI Radeon 64MB SDR 4x agp card
    RaidMax 350 Watt power supply.

    I just bought the radeon 9550, went to install it. :( It won't boot! Okay so I reset the card try again, repeat process, same result, repeat again with no luck. Take the card out, put it in a HP 3000xp machine, it boots! Okay so the card appears to be good...go back down to my machine and try again, no luck. So I throw back the old card in and update my bios to 1.0e which adds support for Semptrons and crap. Okay didn't work! Still getting no picture and 3 beeps (1 long followed by 2 short). Okay so where am I going wrong? Faulty mobo agp slot?? Bad card? I have no idea. Pissed I spent the money and it doesn't work at the moment! So please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. hangintite68

    hangintite68 TS Rookie Posts: 18

    have you made sure that your motherboard contains support for it? you might need to flash the bios to make it work. all of which making it alot harder for you.

    "from a person's perspective"
  3. vegasgmc

    vegasgmc TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 1,377

    There have been alot of problems with the ATI 9600's and nForce 2 boards. The 9550 has the same core as the regular 9600. I think someone else here had the same motherboard and same problem. 2 possible cures are set AGP to 4x and increase AGP aperature to 128mb.
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