Realtek seems to have problems every computer that has it

  1. Hi, I am desperate now for a solution. Every solution I have found on forums (this is the first time I have posted a thread for this myself) none of the solutions have ever worked.

    On pretty much every net book and laptop I have owned, the sound had always ended up skipping and jumping and makes it impossible to listen to any music or anything that uses sound. It seems to stutter probably every ten seconds when playing music. I have tried uninstalling the realtek and rebooting to force re-install. I have downloaded the drivers, in the device manager it shows everything in the audio section as working properly but it most certainly isn't and never does once this problem has started. It just seems to happen every computer I buy. I keep all my set up files on a flash drive and have scanned them regularly for viruses and none have shown. This is getting to the point where I will never purchase a machine that uses realtek high definition audio ever again.

    If some one can help me cure this then I would kiss their feet (unless you object of course) but I have uninstalled and reinstalled and downloaded the drivers afresh so please don't suggest that. It never works.
  2. Zilpha

    Zilpha TS Enthusiast Posts: 319

    Turn off the wireless. The skipping usually is related to the laptop scanning for wireless networks. You should not notice the problem if you are actually connected to a wireless network, but if it's scanning (which it does every like 5 seconds) you will get that skipping.
  3. hesetmefree2010

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    Thank you.

    As easy as that!! You are a gem. I have pulled my hair out many times because of this issue. Thanks ever so much. Really appreciated. :D
  4. Zilpha

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    Not a problem, glad it worked out for you.

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