Rebuild help

By petey11112
Aug 22, 2008
  1. System:

    mobo: MSI K9MM-V AMD Cpu Socket AM2 Motherboard AGP 7312 VIA
    CPU: Athlon 64x2 3800
    HD: seagate 80g SATA
    Mem: Ultra DDR2 533
    P/S: logisys 650w

    I recently upgraded to the above, Installed everything, turn the tower on and all I am getting is a red and black checker board screen. All lights light up on front, fans turn on, but will not boot. When its turned on its straight to this screen. Now I had thought maybe the mobo was no good, It was returned and replaced with the exact same model, still getting the same thing. I've tried running the onboard onboard video, and using video card, no change. Is there something that i'm not seeing?
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