Rebuilt CPU will not stay on

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Dec 1, 2008
  1. Bought new mobo Foxconn 755/760 series running AMD 64 3400 2.2 ghz installed new fan and using my old sata hdds and ram. Machine will power on and the fans are running extremely fast but the machine will shutdown after 1 minute or so. I can change the bios settings but they will not save the next time I reboot. Machine will not go past the post screen to load windows Any Ideas?

    I did use thermal paste on cpu...........Machine gets hung up while booting with the disk boot error. Machine will not load the windows disc.....I might have a bad disc........never know. I bought a new hdd so now I have no frickin idea!

    I Reseated Cpu and the machine will stay I get a disk boot error, insert system disc and press enter. I have the windows disc in the cd rom but it will not load any ideas? Thanks
    I changed the bios settings to load disc first but nothing seems to be working
  2. Rage_3K_Moiz

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    Check the CPU's HSF, because if it isn't seated properly the CPU may start overheating and shut down the machine. Also check the RAM cards and make sure they're sitting nice and tight in their respective slots.

    Lastly, check if all the appropriate power connections have been made.
  3. gguerra

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    Your CPU heat sink/fan is not installed correctly. Make sure it tightened all the way down.
  4. eric104

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    There were some blockage buy the motherboard and the cpu fan enclosure all I had to do was bend them a little bit to seat the fan and cpu.......thanks for the advice.
  5. Appzalien

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    Did you use any thermal grease? You didn't mention it and it worries me.
  6. gguerra

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    It is recommended, however when I was assembling my PC it was shutting down until I removed it. The important thing is to keep the CPU temperature within normal ranges. Monitor the temperature with an application such as PC Wizard or CPU Temp.
    You can put it to the test using a program called prime95.
    Here is a link
    for single core
    for multiple core
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