Recommended upgrades for Asus Essentio CM5675-07?

Hunter H

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Here are the specs of my pc:
Intel Core i5-650 1st gen
12 GB of random 1333 MHz memory
Swapped ancient Firepro v4800
Socket H motherboard
Stock Psu
This PC can run 60-80 fps easily on low-medium settings on 1600x900 in csgo, and in Fortnite's new performance mode can get up to 90 fps with medium textures and high view distance. There are dips in my fps, and some maps in csgo don't load properly.
Rocket league for whatever reason has issues running, sitting on 50-60 fps at performance settings.
If anyone has recommended upgrades, please let me know! Cheap upgrades only, I need a significant performance increase for low dollars.
EDIT*: It also has a weak stock PSU.


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That's as good as it's going to get, without replacing almost the entire PC. The motherboard could probably take an i5-660, but given that it's only 0.14 GHz faster, it would be worth the cost (no matter how cheap). The motherboard might be able to take 16 GB, rather than 12 GB, of RAM but again, the performance benefits will be too small for it to be worthwhile.

The only thing worth upgrading is the graphics card - the FirePro V4800 draws around 70W at peak, so it would be best to aim for something that's pulling around the same level. Something like a Radeon RX 560 would fit that requirement, and be a substantial upgrade (compared to the V4800), but finding one at a sensible price in the current market will be nigh on impossible. It's MSRP at launch, in 2017, was $99 but they're over $200 on Newegg now.