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Mar 15, 2008
  1. Yes, when I bought this eMachine T3985 2yrs ago. I thought not to make sure I received a Recovery Disk for it. Now the computer is so sluggish and their's tons of unused files, unknown files, ect.. But no Recovery disk to do this task.! I've search the net for recovery disk but that was a failure.

    I do have another OS WIN XP Home and was curious if I just installed that, would it work? Or not? Or do I really need that eMachine Recovery Disk....

    Thxs for reading and replying
  2. Matthew

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    As long as it's a licensed version (not an OEM version) of Windows XP Home (and the key isn't being used), you can install that on your PC.
  3. Taino

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    Thxs for the quick response, Zenosincks.
    Yes it is a Licensed XP and the key isn't being used. All should go well then after I reinstall the XP.? I don't need the mobo drivers and such?

  4. Matthew

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  5. raybay

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    As long as you know the product ID is the one that goes with the Windows XP install disk you use, you will be OK. But even an unused license will not work if it is for the incorrect Windows Disk. There are 27 different Windows XP install disks, and microsoft assures that the product ID and the disk do match.
    If this does not work, you can usually (but not always) purchase a new recovery set from eMachines for $27 including shipping. We do it all the time. eMachines does not make new sets, so when they run out of those for a given model, there are no more.
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