Red Dead Redemption 2 screenshot gets mistaken for the real outdoors in news segment


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What just happened? KTVZ, a news station in Oregon, accidentally showed a screenshot from Rockstar's open-world western in its 'Out & About' segment dedicated to sharing scenic photos of the season. Among several real-life pictures of vibrant skies, towering summits, and misty lakes, came an image of Red Dead Redemption 2's Cumberland waterfalls and Dakota river of New Hanover with snowy, rugged mountains of Ambarino in the backdrop.

Rockstar's lovingly-crafted world of Red Dead Redemption 2 is still a sight to behold after two years, with a moving story and exceptional visuals that easily mask the game's somewhat clunky controls and gunplay. It's breathing open-world might be a bit too laid-back for some, but it's one of those games where simply exploring or wandering around feels just as rewarding as carrying out a frenetic mission.

Of course, to nail the authenticity, Rockstar took inspiration from real-world locations across North America that often look so convincing that an Oregon-based News station recently included one of the game's screenshots by mistake in its 'Out & About' segment meant to show real-life imagery of the outdoors.

Ayeeeeeeeeee from r/RedDeadOnline

According to the Reddit user whose daughter made the submission, it's not the first time this has happened, and it's unlikely going to be the last, especially considering how next-gen graphical improvements will further push the visual boundaries and complexities of game worlds.

It's also not the first time that a Rockstar game has been mistaken for reality either. Last year, a Pakistani politician was fooled by GTA V's visuals after mistaking a game clip of an airplane avoiding an oil tanker for a real-life incident.

RDR2, however, looks even better as it's a much newer game, though its ol' western setting and style might not be to everyone's tastes. Thankfully, the barrier to exploring its gorgeous open-world has now been lowered to just $5 temporarily following Rockstar's decision to release Red Dead's multiplayer mode as a separate game.

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Really ?
If only passes assuming someone had a bad camera or some asinine filter on the front.
Speaking of filters - who ever invented the tobacco filter should be taken out back to enrich the soil .
It was used ad nausea in the 90s for adverts for like cars in the foreground - I have travelled extensively and have never seen such sunset or dust look. I have actually take photos a yellow sun against completely red sky - which some might think is fake


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I'm currently playing RDR2 on PC, and for people who are not into video games I wouldn't berate them for believing it was real.

RDR2 looks absolutely stunning on Ultra settings (with volumetric particles and object lighting scaled down to high so I can still get 60 fps), probably one of if not the best looking video game I ever played. Depending on the combination of time of day, location and weather conditions you'll often come across some truly cinematographic scenes, and best of all they're not scripted.

The game itself is pretty mediocre, especially the controls and movement which at times can be terrible. Also I often become pretty frustrated with the psychic police in an era when they didn't even use radios. But the visuals keep me from dropping it.

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I guess this is called "getting punk'd".

Maybe I could send them some screenshots from the Duchy of Toussaint from Witcher III and convince them that it's the south of France. :laughing:
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