Redesigned Messenger app distances itself from the Facebook brand

David Tom

TS Addict
With the recent release of BBM for Android and iOS, the realm of mobile messaging apps is getting pretty crowded. Looking to establish itself as a viable contender, Facebook released the latest version of Messenger on Tuesday to a random...

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TS Guru
"Furthermore, Android users will finally get a custom design, rather than an iOS port"

Excuse me? Can you not see the screenshots? ive been using the app for a day, looks exactly like the ios 7 messaging app which isnt a good thing for us android users. Shouldve been designed along the holo guidelines..

nonetheless, app performs well, looks fine. but functionally it is not too good, there are stupid kinks here and there.


TS Evangelist
That's all well and good, but will it actually work? Current version is buggy to all hell and won't even let me sign in.


TS Forces Special
Looks alright to me. Why can't the regular Facebook app on iOS do chat worth a damn? I suppose it works, but it doesn't let you turn the phone sideways to get a bigger kb.