Reducing Fan Noise

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Feb 11, 2002
  1. Walker

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    I can honestly say that the loudest thing in my machine is my 56x CD rom drive.. For a quiet HSF take a look at the zalman options. i got one of tose and it turned my case into a kitten and it lowered my temp...Plus they look really coool....:grinthumb
  2. T-Shirt

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    Bigger lower RPM fans (moving the same CFM)
    High quality fans (sleeve bearings are quieter)
    Mounting isolation- rubber grommets, O-rings, a rubber gasket (neoprene is best)between the fan and case.
    Keep it CLEAN a very small amount of dust lower fan effiencentcy alot, aslight imbalance of the dust (like you running a finger over one blade (with the fan OFF!) will cause a lot of vibration.
    Use a good Filter,- helps keep it clean and cuts down on "air"
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