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Oct 25, 2009
  1. I have reformatted many times due to an infestation of viruses and malware such as crs.exe, msvddr32.exe, restorer64_a, and many others. I have reformatted twice now and the virus/malware keeps coming back. I believe this is due to installing a couple of programs each time I reformatted with that were infected, but I'm not quite sure.

    Anyways, I'm not sure my computer did a complete reformat, but only reinstalled windows. When I've reformatted in the past, I recall changing the boot to CD first, putting in the Windows XP CD, and a black screen coming up with 'Press any key to boot from CD...' followed by a blue screen with the option to select the drive to partition.

    Instead, after I put the CD in I'm given the option of F to Format, R for Recovery, or Q to Quit. After I select F it goes to Windows Recovery, but I want to reformat and wipe everything. Is this the same process as the blue screen I remember with the option of selecting which drive to partition? Or am I just reinstalling windows and this could be why the virus/malware keeps coming back, because it was never actually gone?

    Thanks for any help.
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    You'll need to remove the partition and do a full format. Make sure you install a good A/V program before installing any software.
  3. GoHard24

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    Okay, so doing what I did, putting the disc in, F for Reformat, Y for Sure you want to format?, and letting HP Recovery run isn't actually a full reformat and there is a good chance that's why the virus has come back all 3 times I have reformatted?

    The only programs I installed right before the string of viruses occurred was Python from a school website and an illegal copy of Microsoft Office. It could be the copy of Office, but I'm thinking it isn't. I've been using the same disc for 2 years on multiple computers at least 5-6 times and have had no problems with it.

    When I reformatted using the method above, I've checked msconfig, processes, and win32 and found nothing wrong. Would this lead to believe the virus is deep in the hard drive and since I didn't reformat properly, this is why it keeps coming back?
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    Do you experience the same virus and symptoms?
    The idea of installing Avira, or AVG or another good anti virus is so you don't get viruses, and the ones you do get are eradicated.

    Viruses can come from many things like bad browsing habits (particularly pornography websites), torrenting, lack of common sense, and many others.
  5. GoHard24

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    I didn't have any anti-virus or firewall turned on when the virus first started showing up. The first thing I noticed was I wasn't able to access or other important sites with updates and anti-virus information. I found this was due to restorer64_a.

    After I had reformatted, I immediately installed AVG and ZoneAlarm. A day or two afterwords, I received several notifications from ZoneAlarm that various .exe programs were trying to access the internet. After clicking deny on all of them, I realized my computer and especially internet was running very slow. Opening the process tab I found multiple viruses and trojans. I should have taken a screen shot of them before I reformatted, but after searching them on Google I found everyone that looked suspicious was a virus of some sort.

    The main one seemed to be csrs.exe (not completely sure) and after researching it, it opens ports for other viruses as well or something. When running AVG it came up with multiple trojans and viruses after having reformatted just 2 days ago and installing ZoneAlarm and AVG. Specifically a backdoor trojan.
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