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By bobcat · 4 replies
Sep 20, 2008
  1. OS: XP Pro SP3

    Programs that clean & defragment the registry recommend a previous registry backup, for restoring the registry in case something goes wrong.

    At the same time, Windows itself generates System Restore Points, which restore the registry to a previous state.

    My simple question is: What is the difference between “registry backup” and “creating a restore point”?

    While on the subject, I have a 2nd question: Does a normal defragmentation of system drive C also defragment (compress) the registry, or do we need a special registry defragmenting tool for the latter task?
  2. LookinAround

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    1. You are correct. System Restore Points does include a backup copy of the registry taken taken when the restore point was built. The Restore points contains quite a bit of other data as well principally data that;s key to system operation.
    2. A registry backup was already done and inclued in a System Restore Point. The distinction of which one/why/when is (in my opinion) more an operational/efficiency issue.
      System restore points can take ALOT of space for its backup. It uses a "circular" spool of space meaning when it no longer has room for the next restore point, it deletes the oldest to make room for the newest. So, restore points have limited lifetime expectancy

      A Registry backup is generated, saved, delete and controlled by you. And typically when u want a registry backup your not interested in or requiring all the space be made for a new restore point.
      [*]A normal defragmentter focuses on efficiently reallocating disk space usage. I wouldn;t expect it to do registry defrags (tho that doesn't someone can't decide to package both together). But let me point (or maybe u already know) of Page Defragmentation. Most people don't think of it let alone do it. But is definitley good to do (not nearly as often as normal defrag tho)

  3. jobeard

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    Registry and Pagefile defrag are specialized tasks -- ether is a VERY infrequent necessity.

    The PagDefrag tool is available from MS.
  4. bobcat

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    Thank you LookinAround & jobeard, you have answered both my questions fully, including things I hadn’t thought of asking.

  5. tw0rld

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    Spybot S&D creates registry backups.
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