Registry Fixer or Defrag

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Apr 5, 2009
  1. Hi, any idea which is a good registry defragmenter or fixer on the internet? Thanks!
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    lots of them.

    two I recommend are CCleaner and glarysoft registry repair. Both are open source and free.

    for a defrag - use defraggler - also free.

    try for opensource alternatives.
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  4. bobcat

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    Registry Defragmentation

    While JkDefrag explicitly mentions defragmentation of registry, Defraggler doesn’t (on its home page), which requires clarification, as it may only be a normal disc defragmenter.

    Furthermore, JkDefrag requires the PageDefrag from SysInternals/MS.

    PageDefrag claims to do both, registry and paging file defragmentation:
    It would thus seem to me that PageDefrag would be a suitable tool to use for registry/paging file defragmentation.

    • It has been developed by the legendary Mark Russinovich and is officially adopted by MS.
    • It is used by 3rd party tools
    • It is only 210 kB
    • It seems very simple to use
    • It does not seem to require installation
    • It’s free
  5. cubyong

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    ah nice. well i'm currently using diskeeper as my defragger. is it alright?
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