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By BrainGoneMissin
Jun 23, 2008
  1. I was hoping someone can help me with this.

    I had trouble updating Windows XP. It keep giving me an access denied error message. I found out that I had user permission problems even when i booted in safe mode and used the admin account. So using a KB article I tried to reset the permission in regedit. About halfway through regedit stopped responding. I closed it out and rebooted my computer. After it rebooted the computer no longer recognized any programs but Internet Explorer. Every time i tried to open regedit it would ask me what program to open it with. All .exe files did the same. Some files when I right clicked didn't give me the option to open. I tried to restart the computer in safe mode by pressing F8, but it loaded up like normal. I tried to use Start>Run> msconfig but nothing happened. is there a way to force safe mode so I can run the last know good configuration? Or is there anything else besides reformatting the hard drive?
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    Thank you for replying.
    I tried putting the cd in but it never prompt me to boot from disk. I tried to go the bios to change it so that it would boot from cd but when i pressed F2 or F12 (I have a Dell Dimension 2400) nothing happened. The only screen I could get,by pressing the space bar, said at the top "Hardware Profile/Configuration Recovery Menu". There was only one profile to choose from. I had a choice to choose from last know good configuration or the default configuration. I tried both but nothing changed. Can anyone give me any suggestion I have a another working computer could i some how use that one to do a repair install? or back up and reinstall ?

    any help would be appreciated
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