Displays Regular VGA cable from monitor to PC not working on Dell


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Hi guys I need your help, my friend got a Dell PC and a flat screen monitor. So he try to connect a regular 15 pins cable from monitor to cpu system,. when I ON the system getting message like this [connect a vga cable which comes when you buy the system etc]. This is a win Vista system, having old style vga & new style white vga connector behind it.

so I dont know what to do know, I took some pictures of monitor connector & cpu connector, please let me know ehich cable need this PC or what kind of settings I have to do to use regular 15 pins cable get work on it.

pic 578 is on cpu connector
pic 574 is on monitor connector

thanks for your answers.



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Hi tester2 on your monitor it's DVI, on your PC it looks like VGA but seems different to that.

What computer do you have, and what graphics card do you have.

What is the monitor size ?


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I had a look at your pictures, I don't know what the socket is on the PC, (All pins with one white blank), it's not a standard DVI output.
The monitor socket is standard DVI.
If it's of any help, I use an ATI Radeon with twin DVI outputs, connected to a Dell ultrasharp monitor. I think these are standard sockets, and standard DVI to DVI cable. I took pictures of each.