Reinstall Windows without losing all programs etc and not cloning

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Sep 9, 2009
  1. Hi, I bought a copy of windows from the net, I have installed it and all my programs, everything fine, went to activate, wouldn't work, got my technically minded friend round. He says that my os is a copy, GRRRR!! words can not expressed how lets say "extremely unsatisfied" or "******** *****" I feel but anyway he told me a reliable site to get another copy that he buys from on a regular basis, (oh i'm using xp pro btw, don't like vista, 7 I using on my own pc, this is for my family and they only use for office and internet.

    Anyway to the point, is there a way i can install the new one over the old one without losing all my hard work installing and configuring stuff? (without cloning) i hate it and refuse to try it again.

    If there isn't please tell me how I can wipe the hard drive entirely of everything including xp and start from scratch with new xp disk (i will save all my docs etc to a backup external hd and reinstall updates and programs after.)

    Thanks ever so much, bob.
  2. bob2006ty

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    meh don't worry i'll just wipe the whole thing and start over.
  3. Kcircyrd

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    You can do it. But you need a disk with the ability to use the same Service pack and has a similar setup... Then you boot to the R method.
    Otherwise, you can still do it, but you need the rare Full version of Windows XP Professional... not the one that is sold with a given computer, and not the one that is sold as and OEM verion. The Full Windows XP Professional version will allow you to perform an install over the top of exisiting install. But that verion will usually cost slightly over $200... only if you are needing to maintain other costly software would it be worth it.
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    FYI: Don't press R right when setup starts. And you don't need the Full XP Professional.
  5. AudioVayne

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    You can to save your files n such, but you lose all your installed programs. When you're running the installer disc, you choose your partition, and instead of selecting any of the format options, just select 'Leave the current filesystem intact'.

    Check it out, it doesn't go ahead until you select it and press L on the next screen. With this method, you keep your files, but you do lose ALL programs, Drivers and Outlook Express data.
  6. bob2006ty

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    No I went ahead and formatted the drive and started over, activation was the first thing i did after antivirus and spyware and firewall. Got all data that I could keep and the activation codes for my programs, took my ipconfig and everything i could to 1tb external hdd and leapt off the deep end again.

    Went perfectly i got all the periphals and setting s and programs back within 2 hours of installations and updates.

    Thanks for all your help guys, it didn't go to waste as I was able to backup things I would have normally overlooked.
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