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Released 14 HoneyComb ROM MOD for Android OS 1.6 / Android OS 2.1 HCV13.0 B20

By tipstir
May 20, 2011
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  1. [​IMG]

    First time for me to release so many in one day 14 in all.

    The historic even happen on 5.19.11!

    HCV13.0 B20. All versions get GingerBread OS 2.3 Keyboard to use. On the OS 2.1 version the keyboard is now fits the screen correctly.

    Android OS 1.6



    MAYLONG - M150A10, M150A11, M150A12

    EKEN - M009

    Source: VIA | WM8505 300MHZ | WMT8505+ 400MHZ | ANDROID OS 1.6

    Android OS 2.1

    COBY KYROS - MID7015/MID7015A
    8 Different ROM Version
    4x Non-HD to not to connect to HDTV
    4x HD to connect to HDTV
    Also two Patches were released for those who don't want to lose prior settings. Requires B18.

    Source: COBYUSA - | TELECHIPS TCC 890X | 800MHZ | 256MB | ANDROID OS 2.1 | 720P | 1080P | HDMI
  2. Altin

    Altin TS Rookie

    Will this os work on my Jay-Tech 9901 smartbook using W8505 processor ,128mb of internal ram memory, and 2 gb internal space+my 2 gb sd-card ?

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