Premium Honeycomb rooted ROM MOD V7.2.0 3.2.11


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Latest boot-screen use is sharp, vivid colors producing high resolution for the current tablet build. (Note text is not shown on your boot-screen it's only shown here)

Finally in this version and build I was able to change the appearance of the main task bar replacing poorly looking Home, Camera, Volume, Menu and Back Arrow with my own creations you see above. Including Google Imprint to make it looks official. Basing every detail on the HoneyComb OS and Motorola Xoom is what inspire me to create such a revisionary build.

Optional HoneyComb Clock (shown)

Wallpaper (22 different ones included all new true HoneyComb included) Shown

Dock Box (new layout, new trash can, better performance) Shown

Complete list of app, root, tweak, entertainment, games and more included in this package.

HoneyComb V7.2.0 Rooted, ROM MOD with Market Gold

Prior Build Numbers: WMT2.0_105 OR WMT2.1.1_105
256MB of RAM
2GB NAND Internal Storage
16GB External Storage
Vibrates when you turn on power
Green Power On
Red Charger
<b>Ports are Black ONLY</b> NO GREEN HEADPHONE!
24-pin or 30-pin Slot
7" Screen Size
800x480 Visual Screen Size
Gome Flytouch1 (Epad), Maylong M150A10, M150A11, M150A12

Available right now for Builds WMT2.0_105 (WMT2.1.1_105)

Note: Gome Flytouch 1 (ePad) and Maylong M150A10, M150A11 and M150A12 are supported only.


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Now available for Epad WMT2.1.2_105 and Epad and PanImage Tablet's WMT2.1.6_PDN use the first post link to get you there.


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Now available for ePad WMT2.0.1_88 (WMT2.1_88) and WMT2.1.1_105 (WMT2.1_105)