Remember the first time wiped your phone?

By jojog
Sep 19, 2013
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  1. Do you guys remember the first time to wipe your phone and what probems did you encounter??
    When my first time to wipe my BB10, I thought I had performed a security wipe to it but I was terrified that it wons switch on! Cuz it was my first BB10 and I did not want to screw it up...Then I tried to find ou why the device not powering on. Actually before the wipe I already had some trouble with wi-fi scanning. it either show the previous network it was connected or no network found. so I decided to wipe it out. After the wipe when I turned it on the display showed logo like shredding something and I waited and waited but it wont turn on. Then I tried to remove the MPJ battery which I bought for extending battery life for several minutes and then switched on again but the same logo appeared. I felt hopeless and pissed so I decided to left my phone aside and did my own thing.
    Several hours later, I picked up my BB10 and surprised it was able to turn on. Then I googled the meaning of the logo and there was nothing wrong of my phone, just not patient enough
  2. watalee

    watalee Banned

    I don't like the Blackberry without the keyboard, the best BB is 9930 and the keyboard is so good that I can not help to writing something all the time.

    BB10 is a little expensive now and maybe I will buy a second hand one in the future.

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