Remove XP and Win7 RC and install Win7

By shoeseat
Nov 19, 2009
  1. I have xp on c: and win7 rc on e:.I am thinking of removing both and install win7 32bit.Will their be incompatible issue with win7?will programs running on xp runs in win7 without any problem?I am only curious to know about these answer because i am removing XP.

    But my main question is that i read this article and want to follow it.But i am not sure it will merge my c: and d: i have 20GB in c: and 40 gb in d:.So if i merge them like in article will it be 60GB?What i am trying to do is delete both partiion and merge them so that i can have 60GB in my c: drive.

    Do i need to download Gparted to merge drives?Isn't their any way to do with installation xp/win7 disc?
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