Replacing a VAIO MJPC-300A1 - a few tips

By G_Mez
Jun 10, 2009
  1. Anyone else who has lived through this knows the pains of which I will speak.

    Original PSU is proprietary, with VERY little room inside case to use "standard" ATX supply. Also the OEM units and the aftermarket seem to be made with unobtanium or some other rare element that makes the cost >100$. Besides being only about 4" deep it also has a power jack for speaker and an external fan control from the MB that is monitored.

    My solution. I gutted the old ps housing and screwed a mATX 430watt unit to it. It fits inside case nicely, has enough oumph to run the unit (dvd movie playing while hd defrags) and it is actually quiet too ! Long term results are pending but so far so good. The only provision I didn't make was for power to supply speakers. But I have long since stopped using originals for a nice 5 piece set.

    As for the MB fan controller it CAN be disabled in the bios, but you will need the old PSU opened up to allow it. With my replacement PS in place I kept getting an error on bootup. Easy enough to bypass just press F2 and you are on your way. A more permanent solution is to disable the monitor in the bios. To do this you will need the new PSU in place connected and running, and the old PSU NOT powered up but just the 3 wire connector connecetd to the MB.

    When you boot up enter setup (F1) and arrow over to POWER tab. <enter> you will see the fan monitors. Without an input to the MB it will only read 0 rpm and will not highlight. Once you get the proper signal in there it will give a speed and then be able to be highlighted and toggled OFF. You will need to connect a 3 wire fan (you can use the rear case fan like I did) to the spot on the PS where the ps fan connects and jumper power into the fan. I used one of those fan taps that pulls power from a 4pin molex, and 2 small wires in the back of the fan connectors. Black to black, red to red ... as soon as the fan started to spin I toggled the fan to not monitored and save and exit bios. Put everything back the way it should be, shazam ! New PS , quiet, and bonus... all for about $30.

    Just my .02,
    Good luck on yours
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