Report: no tablet-centric version of Windows until late 2012


TS Evangelist
Microsoft’s tablet-centric version of Windows is going to come very late to the market if the latest rumors are true. According to a report on BusinessWeek, the company expects public testing to begin at the end of this year with partners and customers, but it won't release its competitor to Apple and Google's tablet operating systems until the 2012 back-to-school season around September.

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Even with the (pending) redefinition of OS share to include desktop as well as mobile, Windows is still hanging on to 90%. They just need to get it right once. I doubt their desktop market share will erode that much until they release their tablets. Its better for them to wait until all the problems endemic to the platform are ironed out, and hit a home run. I think that releasing an integrated Windows 8 to handle everything from phone to desktop will be what they need. Hope they get it right.


Ex-TS Developer
MS please stop demonstrating products that never come to market and please start shipping!

Every year MS becomes more irrelevant in modern computing and it is really sad they have the money and people to make great products they just have to get rid of Steve Ballmer as CEO and get a technology visionary as a leader.