Restore iDevice from a backup iTune

By mephisto_007
Jun 20, 2016
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  1. My friend iPhone had jailbroken and would like to remove use it normally so he could update and all. I had check in the setting and could not see iCloud account login or anything. So I proceed with a backup so I could later restore it.

    I restore the iPhone with dfu mode, and to find out it has icloud activated locked, its suprise me and so my friend, as well. Anyway im here not to ask to remove iCloud, just wondering if my friend bought a new iPhone and would like to restore the previous backup so he could have his Photo/Media and everything else back Will the jailbreak and iCloud account back to the new phone?

    I hope I made this understand to you all, please help me clear this so I can proceed and let my friend know.

    Thank You

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