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Rootkits and reformatting

By feybot
Dec 16, 2008
  1. i have a rootkit on my laptop and i read that they are apparently notoriously hard to get rid of and that reformatting is usually the course of action to take. i don't mind a fresh install but my problem is that i do not have an install cd. i don't think my laptop came with an install cd (sony vaio model: vgn-fe660g)... or I lost it at some point. Either way I'm boned.

    i run windows media center and i've been looking around for a decent download (which i argue is perfectly legal as i have a legit product key and i'll be damned if i have to pay more money for just some cds)

    So two things:

    1. Is there another way to get rid of rootkits or is reformatting really the easiest? It's just that the process of finding, burning and booting is just a lot of work/time and I'm terribly lazy... sigh

    2. I have the 2002 version (but with sp3). Will my product key work with the 2005 version?
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