Roundup: 12 Favorite PC Games

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Dec 2, 2014
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  1. games

    PC gamers have got a pretty great thing going. Interesting, experimental indie games? Yup. The shiniest, most visually impressive versions of big-budget games? Yeah, they get a lot of those, too. Let's say you've recently joined the ranks of the PC elite. What games should you install?

    Well, you can start out with the games listed on this roundup. Earlier this year this compilation had a little shake-up with Half Life 2, Titanfall and Gone Homeand dropped while Dota 2, Counter-Strike: GO and Kentucky Route Zero made the top picks. Then fall brough with it a single swap: Dragon Age: Inquisition knocks off its predecessor Dragon Age: Origins. (Though you should still probably play Origins if you haven't, because it's really good.)

    Read the complete article.

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  2. Forg0t2

    Forg0t2 TS Booster Posts: 147   +25

    Too much personal taste in this list to my opinion.
    90% listed in this article is strategy/(mmo)rpg related with only 1 or 2 different games.
    If you are talking about a random list I suppose you should take League of legends into account as well (since you put DOTA 2 in there). I think everyone is full of Far Cry 4. Planet Side 2 being one of the better free 2 play games and I miss a lot of others within the list. I'm not saying the listed games aren't good but if I am talking to the majority of PC gamers I definitely here a different list than this one.
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  3. Alpha Gamer

    Alpha Gamer TS Evangelist Posts: 354   +116

    However in love with dragon age inquisition I may be, I wouldn't say it replaces origins in any way but the open world aspect. And yeah, I haven't had any bugs or crashes during my 40 hour play time.
  4. Chris Just

    Chris Just TS Enthusiast Posts: 32

    Kentucky Route Zero WTF? Is this guy serious about this list because only 2 or 3 of the games in the list would be reasons I have put so much money in to my PC!
  5. Skidmarksdeluxe

    Skidmarksdeluxe TS Evangelist Posts: 8,647   +3,274

    Not one title here that would even remotely interest me.
  6. Uncle Al

    Uncle Al TS Evangelist Posts: 3,339   +1,986

    LOL .... thanks guys, you expressed my thoughts and feelings on this one cover to cover! Is he talking about all time favorites? Doom? Quake? ..... geezze, not even an honorable mention!
  7. EEatGDL

    EEatGDL TS Evangelist Posts: 568   +241

    Oh XCOM... hundreds of hours (400+) taken from my time and only two achievements left.
  8. DanUK

    DanUK TS Booster Posts: 211   +9

    Ugh... FF:ARR is a ****ing AWFUL mmo. I've played so many MMOs in my time and this one is right down there... and you have to pay subs for it.. what a joke. Whoever wrote this article needs to branch out and try some other games in the genre.
  9. thelatestmodel

    thelatestmodel TS Booster Posts: 117   +44

    What even is this? A list of games from the past couple of years that Kotaku likes? What a waste of everyone's time.
  10. LNCPapa

    LNCPapa TS Special Forces Posts: 4,276   +461

    Actually I think FF:ARR is pretty good and I've played many MMOs myself. It's most certainly NOT the thing I would complain about from this list. I think Forg0t2 was spot on with is assessment that there was far too much personal bias on the genre choices here and not nearly a wide enough time period of selections.
  11. EClyde

    EClyde TS Evangelist Posts: 1,304   +429

    There are no best games.
  12. Puiu

    Puiu TS Evangelist Posts: 2,658   +1,095

    For a very good MMO they should have just put Eve Online there. It's just too good.
  13. amstech

    amstech IT Overlord Posts: 1,936   +1,101

    Inquisition must be more different then the original Dragon Age then I thought if its not "tactically difficult". I got 500+ hours into the first one and your tanking, working a mage, healing and dealing DPS on every battle when you get into the later part of the game.
  14. Evernessince

    Evernessince TS Evangelist Posts: 2,104   +1,277

    The title should read "a list of games I think are good because I want it to appeal to as many people as possible."

    It's a good thing the author uses "Favorite" in the title instead of something more concrete.
  15. Revolution 11

    Revolution 11 TS Enthusiast Posts: 40

    They put Dragon Age Inquisition where half the quests are "fetch 10 of this" or "go here and talk to this guy, then come back" MMO garbage.......but completely forgot any of the Witcher games which are far better RPGs.

    Oh, it's Kotaku......
  16. ACE99

    ACE99 TS Rookie Posts: 59

    I think we can all agree that Doom, Tomb Raider and Half Life should be on this list.
  17. DanUK

    DanUK TS Booster Posts: 211   +9

    AAR is nice looking but brings absolutely nothing new to the genre.. and costs. I would recommend something like Guild Wars 2 over AAR every day of the year, that game was such a nice breath of fresh air, and no subs!
  18. LNCPapa

    LNCPapa TS Special Forces Posts: 4,276   +461

    Yeah - this is where it gets difficult to meet the likes of the majority. I've had GW2 since release and greatly prefer ARR over it. I also purchased GW2 for my daughter and she too prefers ARR (though she doesn't have much MMO experience as she's only 10). The subs are low enough to not matter to me as long as there is enough content to hold my interest between subs and I don't feel like I'm paying just to hold an account open. They simplified the crafting system enough to make it fairly enjoyable as well and I've always been a fan of the job system since FFV iirc. When it comes to the music... nothing comes close to FF. Presentation has been great so far.

    Again though - there's no way to please everyone and I don't really think that's what the author was trying to do. This is just a list of games they thought are great games from history - but everyone's history with games is different. I've been playing PC games since the days of MUDs and arcade/console games as far back as I can remember. I've owned almost every console system that has come out and even though I greatly prefer PC gaming I wouldn't call my self an elitist in that area. They each have their places and people will make the concessions they are willing to make and will most likely think that everyone else's decisions are bad, but that's just human nature.
  19. Prosercunus

    Prosercunus TS Booster Posts: 166   +40

    No mention of DayZ Standalone? I haven't sunk so many hours in a game since WoW in 2004/2005 or Diablo 2 in 2000/2001.
  20. Peter Farkas

    Peter Farkas TS Addict Posts: 272   +88

    SC2 tops for me, luckily I don't know how many hours I have spent with it already.....
    nice article, thanks TS!
  21. loading

    loading TS Enthusiast Posts: 67   +13

    Article title is clearly written: 12 Favorite PC Games. Not: 12 Best PC Games.

    Of course it's going to have a little bias, it's from the writers POV. So for those who have an insatiable thirst for putting others down go ahead and post a blog about your favorite list so everyone can tear it down and tell you how dumb you are.

    Edit: To clarify because it's somewhat confusing. The article states both "Best of" and "Favorite" on different pages so it's a bit misleading. To me the writers meant it was their favorite list.
  22. DanUK

    DanUK TS Booster Posts: 211   +9

    Fair enough man. I guess my issue with AAR as I said before is that it just doesn't bring anything new at all to the table. Go here, get quest, go there, kill 10 mobs, return to said person, hand in. It does what a typical mmo does, and it looks and sounds reasonably nice.. but I feel like it was designed by people who had never even played many MMOs before. I feel like the UI need a huge overhaul too, and they could do with more armor skins so that not everyone looks the same.

    As to this list.. It doesn't feel like great games from history, more like someones favourites from the past 1~5 years.

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