Router bandwidth limitation?

By HolySoldier613
Jan 4, 2009
  1. Me and my wife share a home with my sister and her husband. i have a Belkin wireless router with my computer and xbox 360 hooked to the ethernet ports in the back of the router and my sisters computer is using the wireless connection. For some reason her computer likes to hog all the bandwidth even while she is doing normal browsing. its a real drag on the computer and especially online gaming on my xbox 360. i was wondering if there is any possible way to limit the bandwidth that goes to her computer, i dont want to cut her off completely just kinda even the bandwidth out so its not a drag on everyone. im a brother in distress please someone help me out tell me there is a way to experiance good online gaming again!!! LOL. any help is appreciated thanks :)
  2. Ididmyc600

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    the quick answer is No, not unless you invest in an expensive Cisco type router with bandwidth control capability,

    The question should be why does the PC drag the net down to the degree that it does? sounds like viral or spyware activity to me, i suggest visiting the virus section and follow the 8 steps method to at least check.

    If it all checks out ok, then why not suggest some kind of time sharing, make time for your gaming and give her time for the PC.

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    If it's not malware, it could be a result of a bad NIC (network card). May try adding in a new card (they're pretty cheap nowadays), and removing/disabling the old NIC.
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    I have a cheap belkin too, I bought it as a temporary replacement for my Linksys WRT54G that went bad but the Belkin worked so well I just kept it. Unfortunately Belkin doesn't offer many features on their cheap routers so I think you are out of luck. However, something like that Linksys WRT54G is only a bit more, and you can put the dd-wrt firmware on it, which gives you an insane amount of options on what you can do with your router, including limiting bandwidth. There are other dd-wrt supported routers too, may be worth looking into.
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