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Jan 6, 2009
  1. I have a Motorola 3347 modem/router supplied by Qwest. I have been frustrated because my internet speed is limited, partially because of Qwest service, partly because, I was told by the installer, that my apartment building wiring keeps the speed from reaching what I pay for from Qwest (the second to fastest package, can't remember). Can't get Comcast on this block.

    Does anyone know if it would increase the reach/speed of the wireless network if I connected my Linksys wireless G router to this Motorola modem/router? I don't know if it's even possible, but I want to do this because when trying to use internet in one of the bedrooms, the internet signal is fairly weak. I was wondering if my linksys router would be stronger than the qwest modem/router in one.

    If it is not possible to use the linksys router as the main wireless network and disable the qwest modem/router so it was strictly a modem, would it work better to see about just requesting a modem from qwest (what I've usually done with comcast), and then using my router? Or would a range extender be a better solution?

    Thanks for anyone's help :)

    p.s. I'm also thinking my linksys router might not help the range/speed problem enough, in which case I'd buy something like belkin N+
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    If the statement is fact (highly likely too), then nothing from your modem to any of your equipment will make any difference
    BAD idea. None of the 11n stuff is official and there's lots of compatibility issues with it (belkin or any other).
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    As the previous reply says, nothing is standardized right now. I have been using a Belkin N wireless router for about a year. To get the N connection I had to buy the matching Belkin N card for my laptop.

    My laptop with the Belkin card connects at 108 Mbps, but my wife's newer Dell laptop only connects at Wireless G speed (54 Mbps). I do notice somewhat better speed and range from the N connection than from the G connection on my wife's laptop.

    However if your connection is really slow now that may not help that much. If you look at the properties for your wireless G connection on your PC, does it report 54 Mbps (or close)?

    Also, if your PC has a wired Ethernet connection, you could try hooking into the Motorola router by cable and see if that improves performance. That model Motorola has a 4 port wired hub built in. If the router did not come with an Ethernet cable you can pick one up at any electronics retailer (or even Home Depot) for a few dollars.

    Hope this helps...
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    Thank you for the responses. My desktop (new imac) is wired into the qwest modem/router and the speed is fine (not good for downloading large files from azureus like previous connections or viewing certain streamed video without pauses, but not slow otherwise). It's when I move my desktop to the furthest bedroom (single level apartment), or use a laptop in that room to access the wireless network, that I am down to a single bar usually (I don't remember what exact speed it reads at, and I don't have a laptop right now to test it out).

    As I understand the advice, this should probably just be left alone, improvements probably are not workable. But to clarify in case I explained myself poorly, I am not trying to increase the internet speed at its main source, just try and increase the range/strength of the wireless network, so computers that are further away/not wired can have a bit better speed. Is that still not workable?
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    re: modem/router

    As long as you have a decent signal with the Qwest unit, I don't think you would notice much of a difference by substituting the Linksys Wireless G router.

    I have been satisified with my Belkin Wireless N router and do notice the difference in speed. I have the Belkin router set as a wireless access point which means I did not have to switch out the modem/router.

    If you want to consider Wireless N you would need to find a matching wireless card that would work with your iMac, maybe there is a USB or Firewire card available. If you don't get a card you will still be connecting at Wireless G speed from the iMac.

    Good luck!
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