Router issue

I bought a router a month ago and I face a problem that when I was surfing the internet with my phone or laptop using the WIFI connection the internet stops suddenly and when I try to connect to the WIFI again the device try to connect to the router but it can't connect unless I restart the router and the internet return again , on the other hand the internet is working with the ethernet cable without being stopped and this issue didn't appear , I try many solutions for instance: to change the channel and bandwidth but it doesn't work and there isn't any wireless device near the router. so what should I do ?
the router type: tp-link vn020-f3


Wired doesn't stop but the wifi does -- you need a firmware update for the wifi.

get the name + model number of the wifi device (see the Device Mgr and expand the Network info)

Now go to the web with a browser and search for the device name and then look for the model number.

Download the update and then reboot