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Apr 15, 2008
  1. Tech support for my router said to try 'DMZ' setting for better media streaming (it sucks as it is now).

    I know what that is. I asked what other settings I could change to reduce packet loss, and he said check router port settings.

    Could router port settings increase/decrease packet loss for media streaming? What should I change?

  2. kimsland

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    Can be dependant on two factors:
    What Router ? (this one may be important !)
    Some ISP ask for certain ports open and certain ports ideally closed, you will need that info from them.

    Also your Router instruction manual should be available from the manufactures support page, or by search google (putting in your model number and the word "manual"

    Also Windows version may be useful too

    I'd start with a call back to the ISP, with the Routers page opened in Internet Explorer. Ask them what settings to specifically adjust
  3. jobeard

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    suggest that if this is a real issue, you trash that router and get another brand.
    DMZ mode removes NAT and that is not what you ever want to do. If that's your choice,
    just wire modem-->system and expose your system to the whole internet :( [bad idea]
    the phone number for Support!
    Routers we get for home use are low-end($$) products and frequently they can be
    overrun by massive bandwidth work loads -- which is why they (need to) sell gaming routers :)

    A windows system has some tools to assist you, namely pathping remotehost
    the first hop is your system
    the second is your router
    the third is the ISP gateway
    and beyond are nodes in the internet.​
    the important part is LOST PACKETS. how many and where do they get lost?
    from 1-3; you need to work on your system
    4 & beyond; you're flat stuck and can't do a thing about
    here's a sample
    [A]  2    9ms     0/ 100 =  0%     0/ 100 =  0% []
    [B]                                0/ 100 =  0%   |
    [C]  3   15ms     0/ 100 =  0%     0/ 100 =  0% []
    losses at {A,C} are at those nodes (ie systems overloaded), but losses at {B} is on the link from a->C
    ie, a bad connection, bad nic
  4. tipstir

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    Which router? Brand and model?
  5. Nodsu

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    That tech support has no idea what they are talking about. Please do not believe what they say and do not call them again.

    We need lots and lots more information about your situation here.. As already asked, what router?! What kind of an internet connection? What are your speed limits? What sort of media are you streaming from where? What other network applications do you have running (P2P)? Do you connect to the router wirelessly or wired? Do you have any other computers connected to the router? What sort of software firewall are you running? What are your computer specs?

    Anyway. Why do you think the problem is with your router? Do you have a separate modem device so you can connect your computer directly to the modem? If yes, try doing that and see if your internet experience improves.
  6. buccaneere

    buccaneere TS Rookie Topic Starter

    web / DSLmodem / router / 5 different machines with linuxes (linii?)Windows hardwire and wireless

    I stream , and , and if I cut the router out of the physical loop, and wire directly to the DSL modem, then the streamin' is problem-free.

    Stay away from budget routers/companies. This eHome 100 was supposed to cost me $2, countin' rebates (which I never got). They should have paid me $2 to test it for the last 15 months.

    Lesson learned.
  7. tipstir

    tipstir TS Ambassador Posts: 2,426   +112

    You can take the router out of the look and use a Linux or BSD hardware box and use that instead. There are a lot of free router OS out their or use Windows Server 2003 could handle it just need 2 network cards. 1-WAN 2-LAN then from LAN to 8-port switch.
  8. buccaneere

    buccaneere TS Rookie Topic Starter

    This sounds like a very good gig, but I'm not fully understanding the set-up here.

    My 3 laptops, and one wireless desktop will still connect wirelessly to the 'server' pc?

    Is there a tutorial on this set-up?

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