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By WileeDarklight
Aug 30, 2008
  1. I was just wondering what the ideal setup on my router should be to play PC games and XBOX LIVE. I'm newish to ports and whatnot so please be descriptive. I'm using a Linksys BEFW11S4 and I know the port numbers I need for the games I play (but I'm not sure of my XBOX 360 ones) Anyone an expert in the matter?
  2. I've looked in to port forwarding a little bit, but everything I do really doesn't make a difference, and my linksys router really hasn't given me any trouble anyway. I have a bunch of pc's and a ps3 running through the router with both wired and wireless connections, and don't have any trouble with any games or programs.

    Although if you are having trouble, especially with a certain program, check out
    Just pick your router and the program and it will give you the settings.
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    You might wait until jobeard responds also.

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    My roommate has an Xbox 360 (ie the second version) and Xbox Live is the first edition. There seems to be differences in the port forwarding for the two boxes.

    For the X360, we forward
    (Ventrillo) 3784 3784 -> xbox-lan address​
    but understand that the XLive may need

    (xbox) 3074 3074 -> xbox-lan address
    (Steam-1) 27000 27015 -> xbox-lan address
    (Steam-2) 27020 27050 -> xbox-lan address
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