Roxio Easy CD Creator 6 to Include More DVD Tools

By Phantasm66
Jan 9, 2003
  1. From here:

    "Roxio Easy CD Creator is joining the DVD age. As the name implies, Easy CD & DVD Creator 6 adds DVD-authoring tools to the familiar CD-burning suite. A new home page provides quick access to the program's five main components, which include Disc Copier, DVD Builder, Creator Classic, and more."

    Oh man, I WANT a DVD writer so bad. If only the standards could be sorted out and the price come down. I have so many .avis of movies that are over 1GB and with a DVD writer I could slam several of them on to one disk. Still, I recall a time where a CD-Writer was like a month's wages so a little patience and I am sure that we will all have one....
  2. iss

    iss TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 1,994

    I been getting the itch for a DVD burner too but I think I am goingot wait and see what Lite-on delivers this spring with theirs. Last I heard they are claiming they will bring it in at around 200.00 US.

    as for Roxio what about Roxio's own admission a while back that their next software suite would contain copy protection controls per their agreement with the RIAA?
  3. EZ cd is the AOL of cd burning anyway. Padus Disc Juggler has supported DVD buring for quite awhile, and has no copy protection controls whatsoever.
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