Rumor: Galaxy S III is 7mm thin, has quad-core CPU, coming in May

By Matthew · 22 replies
Feb 7, 2012
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  1. Although Samsung's Galaxy S III won't appear at Mobile World Congress at the end of February, the device is expected to hit shelves in the first half of 2012. According…

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  2. I wonder when phones reach or bypass Stationary PC's standards of performance, will there be anybody still using the stationary's? I mean, what's the point of it then, with all those bluetooth keyboards and mouses, probably phones capable of making the screen appear bigger with a projector, what is the need of stationary? unless Intel and companies will upgrade their parts ahead of phones before phones reach them...
  3. LinkedKube

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    I must admit, the Samsung smartphone commercials are great.
  4. LinkedKube

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  5. Matt12345170

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    Moblie devices will never bypass Desktops. High end desktops/laptops will always remain.

    However, at the comsumer level, it may be possible if the desktop/laptop market is no longer profitable. In which case, companies will more towards a more mobile desgin and lose focus on desktop/laptop PC's. I still don't forsee this for a very long time

    -If you want to look into the future where servers will be hosted from phones..then well...have fun waiting.

    BTW...High-end Intel processors are farrrrr ahead of mobile devices
  6. amstech

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    The comment about phones surpassing PC's again shows the average lowly IQ of our Country.
  7. Stupido

    Stupido TS Booster Posts: 66

    I think is more likely lower tech literacy but then, why visit/comment tech sites?
  8. Twixtea

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    lol, phones overcoming pc's... yea sure
  9. Emexrulsier

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    there will probs always have desktops mainly due to heating issues. unless they produce 8 core procs that run at 4Ghz and produce little to no heat you will never see the power of a phone outperform is larger cousin.
  10. Tomorrow_Rains

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    i cant wait until phones are attached to our ears and project an image of the screen into our cerebral cortex. Then i will project an image out that looks like a power level scanner from Dragon Ball, and when someone asks me what time it is it will beep and glow and i will yell...ITS OVER 9000!!!
  11. captainawesome

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    I wonder if they will offer better battery life. My brother charges his galaxy SII twice a day. My sis in law as well.
  12. AmpFeare

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    why are tiny phones getting quad core processors. why not just make a really fast clocking dual core and keep concentrating on that. most pc users dont even need a quad core yet let alone some kid playing angry birds on his phone
  13. Uvindu

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    So you expect the phone specifications to get better and come in par with desktops/laptops but you don't expect the desktop/laptop specs to get any better. Like the PC's performance increase will stop but mobile performance will keep on increasing. Well, that's very bad logic on your part.

    On the other hand, mobile performance may one day in the future increase to match today's high performance PC systems, but by then the PC's of the future would be even more powerful than they are now (quite simple logic).
  14. Trillionsin

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    Quad-core phone, well, thats better than a single core, or dual core desktop and laptop. Looks like we are already there Guest!

    hahah herpa derp derp
  15. lawfer

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    Then again, even with a quad-core, Android will still lag lot of the times (seriously, they HAVE to get rid of Dalvik). It's sad people are now buying into the specs and not the actual experience. It's even more saddening that Google is appropriately taking advantage of this very phenomenon; OEMs definitely more than willing to paste Android in whatever devices their R&D dept. comes up with; Google profiting from all these 700,000+ devices a day activations; and equally profiting from the Google-sourced ads seen on their platform and services.

    And the saddest thing of all, of course, is that a lot of people will buy this phone because of the processor, RAM, etc. as if that will have any difference. It's (you guessed it) sad, that Android's biggest weakness--that is, its prominent inability to take full advantage of the highly varied high-spec hardware the platform fortunately provides (thanks to its open source nature), and as consequence the clear omission (or simply total disinterest?) of providing a constant, high-performance, secure, cohesive experience--is alternatively being taken advantage of.

    When people bash Apple for their prices (which is, perhaps unknown to many, the sole reason most Apple-haters even exist), I understand where they are coming from (you know, Apple products <i>are</i> overpriced), but I also understand the mentality behind people buying them. They also buy the experience. They buy a great phone, but they buy an operating system specifically engineered for <i>that</i> hardware; they buy an OS that provides them with an ecosystem they will reconsider buying next time around. They buy the consistency among Apple products. They buy the excellent customer service.

    They don't buy the numbers an Android phone (such this supposed one) would get on a benchmark.

    (Don't get me wrong, there are a lot of things I envy from Android, namely the customization and its varied form factors. This is not a "review" of Android in general, but a take on what is, perhaps, its biggest disadvantage, right next to the well known fragmentation.)

  16. "HD Super AMOLED Plus"

    I knew it wouldn't take to long to see names like that. Pretty impressive hardware....and the cost will be pretty impresive to.
  17. Yeah, phones will never have the power of a PC. I am sure a 486 50mhz PC could blow away an iPhone.
  18. I loved my 486, but then it stuggled on windows, cost hundreds just to upgrade it.... my Galaxy Note rocks!
  19. SNGX1275

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    False. Fire up that beast, Windows 95, and find out how well that thing browses the web. If you can get any software to play video, have fun watching the slideshow with 1 frame every minute.
  20. chaboi390

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    i rather have it thicker with better battery life
  21. Phraun

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    I don't think I'll ever understand the infatuation with the thickness of the device that's been coupled with a complete disregard for longevity. I'd much rather have a 12mm-thick device that could last for days of active use than a 7mm device that can barely make it through one.
  22. Saw a video clip of the incoming iPhone 5 the other day.
    The Samsung Galaxy S 111 is going to need a lot more
    than Ice Cream Sandwich, a quad core, 2 Gb of ram and
    higher resolution cameras to make even a dent in Apple's
    The future isn't that far away with streamed and onboard
    holographically projected videos, plus a keyboard that's
    projected onto any flat surface and can be sized according
    to need.
    Who cares about hardware techno babble. The average
    joe or jill wants gimmicks.
  23. If it has half the specs that have been leaked, I'll be the first one to pre-order the say it goes on sale.

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