Runtime errors and BSOD`s.

By Mom323
Sep 20, 2006
  1. :confused:

    Hello everyone. I am new to this and need a lot of help with my windows xp. I know nothing about computer except how to type and surf the web so if you do help please be detailed for example click on control panel locate this excetera.... I've been having a lot of script errors and runtime(?) errors and I've had two blue screens this week. Please help me figure out what's wrong.

    Please use proper thread titles from now on. Thanks.
  2. Liquidlen

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    Hello Mom I could not resist your name so here goes.
    Since you were honest about your expertise level I will reciprocate by starting with what you should do and try to find out if you can do.
    Your runtime problems sound as though they may be related to the need to update some software on your machine. This you can start by going to www, and first read the instructions and then update your machine.(Microsoft Update)
    From now on , write down the particulars of an error message this info can be very helpful.
    You still must be able to use some patience and a lot of reading if you are going to at least learn the basic maintenance chores your computer will need.
    This Forum may not be the best place to obtain some of these skills.
    Otherwise it would be better for you to take your machine to tech shop or atrusted friend/guru

    The BSOD's that you are getting can be anything from a simple bad File to a serious hardware problem. This may be hard for you to figure out .

    Try the Update , let us know exactly what you did and if you still have problems , be specific.
  3. Mom323

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    My runtime & script errors

    Thank you for being so sincere and helpful...The thing you suggested I have already tried... I've downloaded the updates, ran the virus thingy and gotten help from different sources but with no luck. I emailed most of my errors to microsoft since they have been so nice as to help me out *I nothing of computers much less of their maintenance ect* Everytime I go into a web site I receive a message that says runtime error ...on line such and such ect I don't have a lot of money so a tech is out of the question and I need my computer to much to just give up. Please help - mom in desperate need of something..
  4. howard_hopkinso

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    I agree with Liquidlen, there are many potential causes of BSOD`s. If you don`t have the knowledge or confidence to troubleshoot your problems, it might be impossible for us to help you. Particularly as we can`t actually get our hands on your computer. Is there no one you know who`d be willing to help you out?

    You can try reading this thread HERE. Whether it will help you depends on how much of it you understand.

    See if you can attach your minidumps. Instructions for doing so are in the above link.

    Regards Howard :)
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