Russian and Iranian hacker groups are looking to undermine U.S. elections


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Trump has made US farmers the new welfare queens
No, China did that.

In any case, robust farm subsidies have been a plank of the Democratic party since the days of Franklin Roosevelt ... and for much less reason than being intentionally targeted for political reasons by a foreign adversary. One of the clearest attempts to interfere in the US democratic process yet seen, and you seem to think we should simply acquiesce to it, and even assist in its success?


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What a mess. The US needs to get rid of ALL the current politicians and start again. The whole system is so corrupt and diseased. How did the country stoop so low? A ridiculous, deeply unintelligent, gameshow-host narcissist versus a tired old man.


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You mean Trump's "smart" Chinar policy of raising tariffs...
The policy that has gotten the first reduction in the US/China trade deficit in 25 years, you mean? The policy that has gotten China's first substantive reductions on IP theft? Wildly successful, I agree.

...and expecting China not to retaliate ??
I'm sure he expected generalized trade retaliations. He may have even expected China to blatantly admit they were specifically tailoring those retaliations to impact Trump-supporting regions only. The only surprising factor, to me, is that so many here in the United States seem to wish China success in that venture.