S.T.A.L.K.E.R. COP Mod

By red1776
Aug 17, 2011
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  1. Seems we have hit a tech lull in between new CPU lines from Intel and AMD and GPU's from AMD and Nvidia. I thought I would share a mod I have been tracking for a while that seems to have the bugs worked out.
    I wrestled with this Mod for a month trying to get it to go to no avail. Paul Dolgov released the first version with Hi res textures but it was an unmitigated disaster as it never stopped loading and would load up system memory until it crashed. It also refused to make use of SLI/Crossfire, which was ironic as it was made for high end systems, and needs a lot of horsepower to run the Hi-Res texture package. I stayed away for a couple months and recently had a go with it again. It seems that he has sorted out the memory leak. It runs very well, looks great, and now makes use of up to 4 GPU's.

    I captured these @ 5760 x 1080 on Maximum setting with the Hi-res Mod installed. HBAO and DX11

    If you have a rather beefy system ( HD 6970+/GTX580+ or CF/SLI) and 8+GB's system Ram, the 'Hi-Res' package looks phenomenal.

    the CPU requirement is a bit less finicky as this is a very GPU dependent game , and the mod is even more so.

    If your system is a bit less resource endowed...he has released a '3GB version' that limits the textures etc to 3 gigs.


    The whole game has been revamped graphically. It has been re-lite, re-textured, re-weathered, and has a few options such as what happens to stalkers should they get caught out of doors during a dreaded emission... one of which is being turned into a zombie if thats your thing. The weather system is now dynamic as well and has 20+ different weather systems.

    if you are running a triple monitor Nvidia setup, there is a patch for the rifle scope alignment as well on the same page.
    This mod in mY opinion makes it well worth another trip through Stalker COP...Cuz if your like me, and I know I am, It has been a disappointing year as far as new releases.
    If you feel compelled to check out this update/Mod to the greatest FPS of all time...:D You can start here and get the particulars.

  2. dividebyzero

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    Might give it whirl. I recently finished my second go-round with Narodnaya Solianka- which ends up going from the underground level changer at Dead City to the sawmill on the Zaton map- always strange to wander round a totally unpopulated game map (the next NS update will add Zaton and Jupiter( I think) maps to the mod + storylines quests, along with bug-fixes and quest-breaking plot branches)
    Pity the mod doesn't include more original content. Pavel's ShoC Complete (along with OL) were the premiere Stalker mods for a while, but have been pushed to the sidelines by NS, Secret Trails 2, and the (hopefully) soon to be released Lost Alpha and Sector 23 (CryEngine 2).

    Going back to the vanilla CoP is going to seem like a walk in the park after invisible assassins, Librarians from Metro 2033, and snorks/bloodsuckers in turbo-mode.
  3. red1776

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    I agree, choosing the Zombie mode adds a bit of content, but it is mostly a visual overhaul. i am having a lot of fun with it, I am partial however. i don't think STALKER has an equal as of yet. I am looking forward to metro Last light.

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