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Sagipsul virus

By bheat23
Jan 10, 2009
  1. I'm pretty sure that I have been infected with the sagipsul virus. I have been receiving several pop-ups recently while using Firefox...most of the pop-ups open with Firefox, but occasionally they have opened with Internet Explorer. Many of them are blank pages and come from, some of them are ads for anti-virus software, a few of them are random ads, and a couple have not loaded because "a connection to the server could not be made" even though I was web-browsing as the ad couldn't load. My system has been running somewhat slow, and occasionally I have not even been able to boot up my system without everything freezing up. My system restore tool was also disabled, which was upsetting because on other occasions I have beaten a virus (or so I thought) by doing a system restore to a week or so before I noticed any effects. After browsing several forums, I came to the understanding that this could be beaten with a little help, so I ran through the recommended steps of this forum's admins as a start. Since running MBAM and the Super Anti-Spyware programs, it seems like things are working better, but I'd like to be sure. The logs are posted below, any help would be appreciated. Thanks much.
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