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Samsung alleges jury foreman tainted patent trial with Apple

By Shawn Knight · 15 replies
Oct 3, 2012
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  1. Samsung has requested that a judge toss out a recent verdict awarded to Apple as part of an ongoing patent dispute. The Korean company claims jury foreman Velvin Hogan failed to disclose the fact that he filed for bankruptcy in...

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  2. 9Nails

    9Nails TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,212   +174

    You're grabbing at straws Samsung. But faced with a 1 billion dollar verdict against you, I wish you the best of luck with that one.

    Honestly, I think the case is BS. And Apple was just better at BS'ing.
  3. Kashim

    Kashim TS Rookie

    The big issue with this verdict isn't the fact that Samsung has to pay $1 billion (which will probably get propped up to $3 billion once Apple succeeds in getting treble damages), but the fact that it basically gives Apple unlimited ammunition to go after every other phone/table maker on the planet.

    Apple is not all that interested in a few billion dollars in damages, since it's just a drop in the bucket for them. What they REALLY want is to remove as much of the competition from the market as possible. They want every device with a rectangle shape and rounded edges BANNED from sale!!

    This will of course stifle innovation in the long run and cause prices to spike across the whole market segment, which is just fine and dandy for Apple. They're not interested in competing on price and value with anyone. They want prices to be as high as possible and competition as low as possible.

    Why innovate when you can litigate?
  4. Absolute horse pucky. Samsung is a thief, at present they are in danger of criminal charges or contempt charges which they richly deserve.
  5. So's Apple.
  6. Another article spreading the foreman's lies without fact checking the truth. There was no 10 year time limit in the question asked by the court and that is clear if any one would read the transcript. So leaving out an important trial that was filed from a tech company that is now partly owned by Samsung and the lawyer that filed the lawsuit that led to a bankruptcy is now married to a partner that works at the firm that represent Samsung are all relative facts that were left out and would have led to the dismissal of this juror.
  7. You apple *****s make everybody else laugh, if the guy didn't disclose relevant information than there should be another trial, every other country agrees with samsung and Apples home court finds in there favor so it does look like they gave it to apple based on home advantage which is wrong and will only hurt the customer in the end retry the case and if Apple still wins then hey maybe they did invent the cell phone and round corners.
  8. Tygerstrike

    Tygerstrike TS Enthusiast Posts: 827   +93

    Ok there are many items out there that are rectangle with rounded corners. Credit cards, playing cards, circut boards, TV's. That in and of itself isnt a reason for CrApple to sue. The Galaxy prevail is the only phone on Apples list that even comes close to violating copyright. All though the Galaxy Prevail is smaller more compact slightly thinner then the Iphone4, that is no reason to sue. Im in agreement with most of the posters here.
    1: Apple wants complete market control
    2: Apple wishes to crush out any competition anyway they can.
    3: Samsung MAY be guilty of copyright infringment in design, but not function.
    4: Apple may have won a suit that gives them access to 1 billion in Samsung money, but collection is a different matter.
    5: Both companies are copyright offenders period. Its business. Thats how they do it.

    Apple and Samsung also have contracts for the production of parts and pieces of smartphones. If Apple thinks that Samsung is going to pay them anything, Apple is delusional. Samsung will do what a lot of other business do when faced with hefty legal fee. They close up shop, declair bankruptcy, then fire up production under a different name.
    All in all, Apple has shown us not only the seedy underside of business practices, but the evil core of thier business model. I have a i4, it will be the last Apple product I ever own until Apple shows itself to be a ethical business partner.
  9. Zilpha

    Zilpha TS Enthusiast Posts: 319

    Good lord, corporations are some of the biggiest babies.
    Gareis likes this.
  10. Samsung and their lawyers are playing dumb.

    Even companies and law firms much smaller than theirs always hire jury research firms to get all the history and facts on every potential juror long before the trial starts. No corporate client or law firm relies solely on the answers the potential jurors give during voir dire from which a jury is chosen and empaneled.

    My hunch is, just as the foreman says, that they left him on as insurance in case they lost the case, since both sides gambled that he would favor their side.

    They should subpoena the investigative files of Samsung's law firm's jury research firm, unless it's been shredded.
  11. … and prior court cases are public records. Any due diligence search by their jury research firm would have and likely did disclose all this before they ever walked into the courtroom.
  12. Amal Perera

    Amal Perera TS Rookie

    Next Apple will go after fruit growers claiming damages for producing and selling the fruit apple.
  13. dividebyzero

    dividebyzero trainee n00b Posts: 4,891   +1,262

    They'll need to go after somebody to even up the lawsuits.
    VIA sues Apple
    Ameranth sues Apple
    Data Engine Technologies sues Apple
  14. Randomthom

    Randomthom TS Enthusiast Posts: 50   +17

    I thought stealing apples was called scrumping and was generally a slap-on-the-wrist kind-of affair!
  15. Yea I agree, this whole case is such a sham it's pathetic to watch from outside... Even the judge was surprised how quickly jury closed the case, when the judge expected them to go through it all in much longer time... Honest case? Unbiased? Suuure it was, concluded by a bunch of US citizens only, living in some radius from Apple itself, voting against Koreans? Who would believe they would vote in any other way? Against their own most popular and valuable company? Hah!

    Many of the claims put there are utter BS to start with, as are some of US patent laws... swipe to unlock... it's a rectangular! with a glass front! industry standard from the get-go of touch monitors... how else do you think you will unlock it?? by drawing circles??

    Samsung is no saint, but please, neither is Apple, conveniently claiming their own stamp on many elements their neither dreamed out or created, just happened to acquire or in some cases blatantly copied themselves, they just happened to get a headstart in this game and are now all hurt that others are playing quick catch up of their own...
  16. Apple has been and no doubt will again be a 'thief' and no amount of the absurd secular fervour in praise of Apple from you iSheep will change that. Just ask Creative and the CSIRO as two entities Apple have tried to cheat.

    The fact that this was an American court (and a jury!!!) finding in favour of Americans is also not irrelevant, given the way Americans have given such unhealthy power to corporations. I am suspicious of just how guilty Samsung really is.

    Apple are just another company selling phones and computers. If you like one of their products, including paying more for extras and having little control, then buy it. Nothing more.

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