Samsung, Apple face small fines in South Korea, but ruling could have major implications

By Jos
Aug 24, 2012
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  1. A South Korean court has delivered a split decision in its piece of the patent infringement battle between Apple and Samsung. According to a report by the Wall Street Journal, the three-judge panel declared Apple infringed two Samsung technology patents,……

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  2. 20% of SKorea's GDP on Samsung??? Are you kidding? SK is the world's 12th largest economy and do you really believe 1/5th of the economy is on one company? I think Mueller is far more biased in his reasoning that Samsung's patent is not infringed by Apple since, so far, none of Samsung's injunctions were granteed. Injunction and infringement are different matter. Injunction may not be granteed although highly liked infringed.
  3. Jos

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    Thanks guest, I removed that reference from Foss patents after looking up South Korea's GDP, which I didn't do initially. Although that clearly was inaccurate, searching around for a bit I found some references that they are responsible for about a fifth of the country's exports and are certainly influential to SK's politics, media and culture.

    Other than that, I don't think Mueller argues that Apple isn't infringing on Samsung's patents, only that Samsung is using standards-essential patents for things like 3G to extract millions of dollars from competitors. These patents are supposed to be licensed under FRAND terms. Apple has argued they tried to license them but Samsung was asking too much for them.

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